Things To Consider For Safe Usage Of ATV Ramps

Once you get to know how to use the ATV ramps, it is very simple from that point onwards. However, it is something which requires practice. It is better if you have another person alongside you to help, but if you are working solo, it should not be very difficult as well. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure safe usage of ATV Ramps. They are briefly discussed below.

1. Ramp Angle

The angle of your ramp needs to be low & shallow. This will help in getting the ATV up the ramp pretty easily. If you cannot change the angle of the ramp, then make sure that the ramp has a gripping texture which doesn’t let the ATV slide down, causing injury to you & damage to the ATV. ATV Ramps are a form of a simple machine, the inclined plane. They are tilted at a particular angle which results with two ends, one of which is a bit higher than the other. They are then used to load the ATVs into the back of your vehicle.

2. Ground Clearance

You need to make sure that there is enough ground clearance of the ATV before you load it up to the Ramp. If there is not enough ground clearance, it will be quite difficult for you to get your ATV loaded. If such is the case, you will need a ramp which is specially angled. This will give a larger distance between the bottom of the ATV and the ramp's surface. You should know that the ground clearance and the ramp angle are directly proportional to each other. The more the angle is, the more the amount of ground clearance required.

3.Securely tying the ramp to the truck

Before using the ramp, make sure that you have secured the ramp to the back of the truck or trailer. It is very important to securely attach the ramp since not doing so can result in injury. If the ramp slips or shifts from its position during loading, it can even be fatal.  Use a tie-down to make sure the ATV ramp is fixed against the truck's tailgate. This will help in keeping it from moving due to the momentum & force of the ATV when it is being loaded.

4. Keeping the Ramp Clean

Make sure that your ATV ramp is not oily, wet or greasy. If such is the case, your ATV will most likely slip & this is dangerous.

5.Weight Limit of the Ramp

Before using the ATV ramp, you ought to know the maximum weight limit of the ramp. Compare that weight limit with the weight of your ATV. If the ATV has a weight below the weight limit of the ramp, only then should you use the Ramp.


Make sure you load your ATV into the truck in a place which is spacious enough to let the ATV drive up the ramp pretty easily. It becomes hard to maneuver the ATV in small, cramped spaces.

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