Things to Avoid While Charging ATV Battery

To make sure that your ATV battery remains in good shape, there are a few things you ought to avoid. We have briefly discussed these factors below.

1. Undercharging the ATV Battery

Make sure while charging the battery that it gets charged to the perfect level. If you don’t charge the battery for the full amount of time, then the electrodes tend to sulfate and that reduces the battery life.

2. Overcharging the ATV Battery

If you overcharge the battery, it will be damaging as well. This causes a rise in the temperature of the battery which in turn results in loads of other issues. Your battery may expand and the battery acid may leak all over the ATV as a result of this. It is a dangerous situation and you out to stay clear of it.

It is better to care your battery before it gets completely drained. One more thing to keep in mind is to not charge your battery again and again when it is almost completely charged. Let your battery discharge until it is almost 20%. Then recharge it completely again. This will increase the lifespan of your battery.

Keeping your battery charge constant

It is almost impossible to maintain the amount of charge in a battery. It would be nice if that were possible. To have the freedom of having a charged battery at all times and not facing any of the issues that come with a dead battery?

There is one way you can do that. It is with the help of a thing called battery tender. Well, it is nothing but an external cell which is connected with the battery. It helps in maintaining a constant level of charge of your ATV’s battery and stops it from automatically getting discharged.

It doesn't mean that your battery isn't getting a discharge. What happens is that the battery tender measures the amount of discharge taking place and then charges your battery at the same rate, so that by the end of the day it would seem as if no discharge occurred.

The time required to Charge an ATV battery

The time required to charge your ATV completely depends on the capacity of your battery. Look for the battery's capacity on the manufacture label. It will be in the form of ampere-hours. Check the ampere rating of the battery charger you will use to charge the battery. The rating of the charger and the capacity of your battery go hand in hand. It means that if you have a battery with a capacity of  8-ampere-hour, a battery charger with a rating of 2 amperes, it means your battery will be charged in 4 hours.

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