5 Tao Tao ATV Reviews 2021: Hitting the Trails Hard!!

What is the very first thing comes to your mind when you search for something for your kids?

Safety comes first, right? Can’t blame you!
We never compromise safety when it comes to our kids. Then there is good news for you. Tao Tao is the brand who never compromise about quality and safety.

Taotao 110cc 4 Wheeler ATV

Believe me or not, there are numerous mindblowing features of Tao Tao ATV that will take your breathe away.

Think I’m exaggerating? Keep reading this Tao Tao ATV reviews, and you’ll find out why this ATV is parents hot favorite four-wheeler. Stay along.

Why Tao Tao?

Tao Group corporate headquarters is actually situated in New York City, with a full-time marketing, managing partners and operations giant in every other market.

What does Tao Tao mean in Chinese?

Tao is a Chinese concept referring 'way', 'route', 'path', or sometimes more 'doctrine' or ‘principle’, ... Tao is like so "eternally nameless” and to be noted from the numerous 'named' objects which are remarkable to be its manifestations.

TaoTao Atv Reviews : Quick Comparison Table

Product Name

Engine Type

Ground Clearance (inch)

Tire Front & Rear

Editors Rating


tao tao 110 atv reviews

Tao TForce 110cc



19x7-8 &

tao tao 110 atv reviews

Taotao 110cc atv




Taotao Bull 150cc ATV

Taotao Bull-150cc



23x7-10 &


Tao Tao ATV Reviews - That Took Our Breath Away

Here are our Tao Tao Reviews of the 5 most exceptional wheeler that will change your wheeling experience.

Taotao 110cc Atv Reviews

#1. Tao Tao TForce 110cc - Cheap Atv for Youth

  • Color: Black
  • Tire Rear: 18x9.5-8
  • Folding: No
  • Tire Front: 19x7-8
  • Suspension Rear: 11 inch
  • Seat Height: 29(inch)
  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Taotao Tforce 110cc

Fed up with the puzzling setting of ATV that took too much time on assembles?

Then try this cool user friendly ATV.

Even a little girl can do it!

The elegant big rugged wheel is way too good to be compatible with all-terrain-vehicles. Let’s dive in the taotao 110cc ATV review to know much more about it.

Why We Love It?

As you already know it’s a CC ATV, so let’s start this taotao ATV review with the meaning of CC. A “cc” refers to cubic centimetre and actually represents engine displacement.

So what am I talking about?

Well, in plain terms, CC represents the amount of volume appear in all the cylinders of the machine’s engine. The tools with the title of CC are more durable rather than convenient machine, so are this ATV is.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

We have to admit, it’s a great ATV for pre-teens and teens, Youth. Large Rugged Wheels made it a travel-friendly vehicle. The thing that makes a huge difference is the automatic transmission along with Reverse.

Let’s not forget

You have to take good care of this vehicle.

What We Like Most

  • All-terrain-vehicles
  • 4-stroke
  • Impressive ground clearance

What Could Be Better

  • Good for nothing wiring harness

#2. Taotao 110cc - Best Kids 4 Wheeler ATV

  • Engine size: 110cc
  • Max Speed: 33 mph
  • Start type: Electric 
  • Starting System: Automatic
  • Fuel capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 0.85 Quartz
  • Drive System: Chain
  • Battery: 12V/9Ah
Taotao 110cc 4 Wheeler ATV

Fun for kids!

This Boulder is a middle-sized vehicle which gonna give you a memorable off-road fun. Thus, this streamlined ATV is powered by a reliable 110cc, air-cooled engine.

Before jump into the main part, let’s talk about Tao Tao 110 ATV Specs.

Why We Love It?

This is a superb starter for most kids to learn how to ride.

No doubt this Tao Tao 4 Wheeler is conveying the need smaller kids. Another great thing, the quality of the vehicle will mean it will last a long time. You will notice, there is an A-arm front suspension, brake, drum/disc, rear single swing arm, and impressive engine design which will give you an enjoyable ride to your children.

The bottom line? Let’s be honest:

It’s not good for race, It’s a Kids ATV includes completed with a rear rack! But it’s sure; the motor has enough power to trail around your kids or full-sized adults.

Let’s not forget 

This is more of a trail riding vehicle and not a racing ATV. Most importantly, Assembly Required.

What We Like Most

  • CARB approved
  • Looks good
  • All colors available

What Could Be Better

  • Nonsense tires

Taotao 150cc Atv Review

#3. Taotao Bull 150cc - Best Automatic ATV

  • Color: Tree Camo
  • Folding: No
  • Engine Type: 150CC
  • Tire Rear: 22x10-10
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Disc
  • Tire Front: 23x7-10
  • Ground Clearance: 5.32(inch)
Taotao Bull 150cc

Looking for something with Automatic Transmission?

Taotao bull 150cc is explicitly designed for those who like Automatic Transmission. It’s May not as speedy as manual transmission, but pretty solid four wheeler for the price.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Then keep reading this Tao Tao Four Wheeler Reviews to figure out what actually took the breath away.

Why We Love It?

Family fun is the priority of the brand TaoTao!

Even Dad can fit and give your kids a ride. Meanwhile, the taotao bull 150cc ATV is similar to the model ATA-125F1 and ATA-150B.

And guess what?

The thing that impresses us most is it's all-terrain-vehicles compatible. This Quad is literally full body and adult size. It comes with a CVT transmission so that you can change gears automatically.

Sounds good?

This TaoTao wheeler is a tremendous option for not only for teens but for adults which is able to take the load of 364 pounds easily.

Let’s not forget

The tires become worn quickly when used excessively.

What We Like Most

  • Easy to maintain

  • Air-cooled
  • CVT transmission

What Could Be Better

  • Get a bit load

Tao Tao 125 Atv Review

#4. Tao Tao 125cc - A Travel-friendly ATV

  • Color: Black
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Folding: No
  • Gear: F-N-R
  • Transmission: Chain Drive Engine
  • Torque: 6.5N.m/5000-5500r/min
  • Fuel Capacity (L): 4.2 Chassis
Tao Tao 125cc

What could be better than a fully protected ATV for your buddies?

Am I right?

Well, if you are one of them who value safety more than anything else for your kids, then this Tao Tao ATV 125 is such a vehicle you can entirely rely on.

So let’s take a closer look:

Why We Love It?

We just fall in love with this motor vehicle at first sight seeing how lightweight actually this ATV is. With a low profile weight, it’s pretty convenient to move around without any help of others.

Sounds impressive, right?

Thanks to its independent suspensions, work exceptionally solid in all terrains. This Tao Tao 125 Atv reviews won’t be complete without admitting that it comes with everything you need for a pleasant experience.

Too good!

The ATV is equipped with the latest double A-arm suspension in front and stronger rear suspension. it powered by a trustworthy air-cooled engine of 4-stroke. The wow feature is the Durable drum/disk brake which ensures the overall safety of your young riders. 

Let’s not forget

Don’t forget to follow the assembly instructions. At the same time, make sure you change the oil at least once the motor had been warmed up.

What We Like Most

  • Compact size
  • Impressive traction
  • ISO9000 certified

What Could Be Better

  • Poor quality battery

Taotao 250cc Atv Review

#5. Tao Tao 250 cc 4 gears - A Classic ATV for Beginner

  • Color: Black
  • Folding: No
  • Wheelbase: 43.9 inch
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.2
  • Transmission: Chain Drive
  • Max Loading: 364 lbs
  • Brake (front Head): Drum Rear Foot
Tao Tao 250cc 4 gears

Simplicity at its level best! Yes, you heard that right.

No mixing, no hassle. All you have to do is just fill it up and start the fun!

200 Air-cooled engines specially designed to prevent overheating. As a result, you have no worries about extra engine maintenance or overheating.

Let’s start our taotao 250cc ATV reviews. 

Why We Love It?

The ATV 250 CC from Tao is one of the finest full-featured larger sized ATVs on the market right now. In the package, you will find a clutch along with the Tao Tao 250 ATV owners’ manual.

Still not convinced?

And the ATV’s impressive front and rear moulded racks are designed to be easy to access at the time of having a decent amount of tie-down areas for protecting game or cargo. Electric Start ensures much more natural control and gives the rider the tremendous conveniences.

What about Tao Tao 250 Cc ATV Parts?

The machine boasts a powerful 200cc, equipped with a four speed transmission for optimistic handling on the roughest trails. 

Let’s not forget

Keep in mind that it equipped with Regular unleaded gasoline, so no need to mix oil with any liquid or gas.

What We Like Most

  • Roomy space for the rider
  • Extra power
  • Independent shocks

What Could Be Better

  • The chain is fully trash

Is Tao Tao A Good Brand?

When looking at reasonable Chinese ATV, TaoTao is a brand you often see. And two questions naturally come to mind –

Who are they and are taotao atvs good?

Well, it appears that TaoTao is an importer/distributor based in Texas, USA. It appears that ATVs are probably manufactured by Jinyun County Xiangyuan Industry. And proudly dominate the four-wheeler industry.

Tao Tao ATV Maintenance Tips

First of all, allow me to explain what ATV is. 

ATV or An all-terrain vehicle, known as a quad, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, four-track, or even quadricycle, as signified by the American National Standards Institute is a wheeler or vehicle that usually travels on low-pressure tires, equipped with a seat that is got on by the operator, with handlebars for the control.

So it also needs some maintenance. Compared to motorcycle maintenance, with a Tao Tao ATV, you will also need to:

  • Clean the ATV after every ride.
  • Carefully check everything related to tao tao brakes before every ride.
  • Don’t forget to check the grip to avoid the accident.
  • Take WD-40 with you on your trips
  • Check the nuts and bolts and if needed, tighten them.

FAQ's About Taotao Atv Review

#1. How fast is 125cc ATV?

It capability is about 25 MPH. Thus, it comes with a speed governor, if needed, you can customize the speed as pretty low as 5 MPH.

#2. Will rain hurt my ATV?

No, won’t hurt or break your Tao Tao ATV by riding in the rain. Tao Tao ATVs are made for trail purposes and offroading. Besides, they are able to withstand dust, sand, and mud without any problem.

#3. Are Chinese quads any good?

Chinese ATVs are literally the best bang for the buck. Because they have a lot of smaller, smart cheap quads, which makes for a Christmas present.

#4. How can I make my ATV faster?

Well, there are several ways to make it faster. For example, put on brand new four tires or try a K&N filter.

#5. How fast can a 110cc ATV go?

Approximately, You could go about 40 - 50 miles @per hour at max.

A word of caution : Some common Tao tao ATV problems

Though Tao Tao presents us some mindblowing ATV, still customer and user complain about some minor issue.

  • Some user claims that cleaning the carburettor is pretty tough.
  • You may face some issue about starting. We recommend spraying a bit starting fluid in the carb directly.

As you can see, with a vast range of ATV, Tao Tao has the perfect match for kids, teens and young adults. Their four-wheelers are not only safest, but also pretty reasonable.

So at the end of the taotao ATV review, who gain the top-performing ATV?

Well, each of the ATV featured in this Tao Tao reviews and guide is creatively designed to help you out there.

What’s the catch?

We just love the overall appearance of Taotao Bull 150cc ATV, the way it performs with utmost safety. Can’t deny it’s pricey, but trust me. It’ll all be worth it.

If budget is your main concern, then try this pocket-friendly Taotao ATV Tforce 110cc Big Rugged Wheel. We have to admit, and it’s an excellent stuff for the money.

Take your time and choose right.

Good luck guys!

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