How to Get Ready for Winter ATV Riding

Winter is inevitable and you have no choice but to prepare for it, especially if you plan to ride your ATV. Of course, it is not just about wearing the proper clothes so you won’t freeze to death. This is why it is very important to carefully take note of everything that will be said here. You need to take care of yourself and know how to keep your ATV running smoothly during winter. The cold season should not stop you from riding your ATV.

Things You Need To Do Before Winter

Clean Your ATV and Lubricate it

You need to wash your ATV and then dry it completely. The dust from bugs and breaks will only contribute to the possibility of having a winter corrosion. The parts that are painted and chromed are also a factor. Make sure to lubricate all items that might corrode after storage. These items are the sprockets, chains, lug and nuts, cables, and others. Do not leave any part out and lubricate everything that needs to be.

Change the Oil

Where the temperature is cold, oil weight matters a lot. If the oil’s viscosity is very thin, the machine will have a better turn over during the cold. The best choice for you are synthetic oils because they do not thicken so easily in comparison to petroleum-based oils. Starting your machine in the cold can be difficult for the motor, so if the engine turnover is easier, it is a lot better. Furthermore, this will not cause any delays if you have to leave in a few minutes.

Feed it Fuel

Fill the tank with fresh fuel, and then add a stabilizer to it. Turn on the engine 10 minutes before you need to leave because it takes longer during winter to make it reach operating temperature. Make the fuel 7/8 full, which is until the filler neck, so that condensation does not happen in the tank.

Battery is Life

You cannot make the ATV move when the cells are not charged. Battery easily dies when it is winter, and the way to avoid this is to remove the battery and charge it indoors. If you do not want to remove the battery, there is a trickle charger that you can install on the battery outlet.

When the trickle charger has been permanently mounted, riding your ATV in the winter will not be a problem because it will stay charged. There is very little chance that it will lose its charge right away. In addition, it helps in making sure that the battery connection remains intact and still in good working condition.

Keep it Cool

For the liquid-cooled machines, you need to add coolant, or change it all if it has been there for over 2 years. Only use the coolant the manufacturer recommends, and make sure that the mix has enough anti-freeze protection. You should also change your brake fluid if it is already due.

Your Hands Should be Kept Warm at All Times

For a lot of people, hands are the ones that get cold first when riding their ATV because they are exposed while holding the handlebars. One solution for this is to install heated grips. With a little extra work, the grips can be hooked up to the electrical system of your ATV to keep the warmth of your hands. If you want an easier option, you can add hand guards. This is going to keep the wind away from your hands. Driving with warmer hands gives you better control of your ATV and avoid accidents.

You Need Tires to Move

You should listen to what the manufacturer recommends and that is to inflate them just a bit more than the required pressure. If it is bias-ply tires, any moisture should be expelled through deflation. You should re-inflate it until you reach the recommended pressure. This is to avoid any flat-spotting damage since the ATV was just sitting there for a while.

Keep Your ATV Rust-free

With all of the rust and snow during winter, corrosion can occur faster than when it is summer. To maintain its cleanliness after you ride, wash the ATV and use water displacement to spray all of the metal parts down. This is going to keep the water away, and not allow the metal to rust.

Use a Snow Plow

Snow is hard to battle with during winter because it occupies a lot of the terrains you will pass through. Using a shovel consumes more time and energy even if people have been using it for years. A snow plow is a better option for you because it just needs to be attached to your ATV. As you move around with it, the terrains will be cleared of snow and you will have an easier time driving and maneuvering. If there is a snow plow attached to your ATV, your transmission will always be smooth whenever you are on the road, which is a lot less hassle for you.

All of the things listed here makes riding the ATV a lot easier during the winter. It is not necessary for you to park your ATV in the garage all winter because you can now make use of it despite the cold and snow season.

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