How To Clean ATV

Cleaning your ATV regularly improves its durability and efficiency. Delicate parts like the sprockets, bearings, and chain can easily be destroyed by grime, dirt, and grease. They wear out with time hence the ATV becomes faulty. Washing it immediately after use prevents the dirt from getting stuck saving your time and energy.

Cleaning Steps

  • Presoak- the first thought that comes to most people’s minds when they see this step is how an ATV can be immersed in water. In this contest, presoaking refers to spraying the ATV using a running hose. The water comes out with pressure forcing the stuck mad to get off the surface. This step loosens the dirt, and the washing process becomes more comfortable.

  • Water blast/pressure washing-this step requires patience because getting rid of the dirt entirely takes time. Use a pressure washer to blast the remaining mad off the ATV to prep it for the next step where you are expected to use your time. Pressure washing saves you from so much trouble compared to cleaning the ATV using your hands during the entire process.

  • Soap and sponge- a pressure washer doesn’t get to all the parts that’s why you are required to use a sponge to clean some parts like the seat, tires and the frame. Use automotive detergent and mix thoroughly with water in a bucket. This detergent is primarily meant for cleaning automobiles because it breaks up the oil easily unlike other cleansers. Consider investing in a degreaser to get rid of grease especially in the chain.

  • Use a robust brush-the sponge is quite soft hence it doesn’t get rid of all the dirt especially in between the treads of the tires. The brush should have thick bristles for it to get to the stuck dirt easily.

  • Drying- an air compressor is the best option because it gets to all the parts of your ATV and does a pretty decent job at drying it within a short period. The other method you can opt to use is the lint-free towel and the sun. You squeeze off the excess water from the towel after wiping the ATV then all it to air dry in the sun. This method takes time, and you have to use extra energy compared to using an air compressor.

  • Add a coat of polish-most people tend to skip this step when washing and ATV but it is very essential, and it should be done regardless of whether the ATV is still new and in good condition or not. The coat protects the surface from mechanical damage hence the ATV remains in a good state for a long time despite the harsh conditions during the adventure like harsh sun rays and scratches. It also enhances the general appearance of the ATV by giving it a glossy shine. However, cover the seat using a polythene or fabric when waxing the ATV to avoid slipping off when riding.

Cleaning hacks/tips

  • Avoid cleaners that contain acidic properties. They tend to corrode the aluminum parts causing the ATV wear out after a short period.
  • Don’t use the pressure washer to clean the seat and the plastic part. It can easily tear the seat and erase the graphics rights off due to the high pressure.
  • Avoid spraying electrical components and bearing directly with water to prevent damaging them.
  • Always cover the ATV air box to prevent cleansers and water from entering the intake. Invest in an air box cover that covers it entirely by creating an impermeable seal.
  • Purchase ATV muffler plugs to protect the exhaust system from getting into contact with water when you are washing the ATV.

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