How To Choose The Right ATV Loading Ramp

Before getting into the types of available ATV ramps, we will answer the question that arises in most of our minds. What is the need for an ATV ramp in the first place?  ATV ramps are used transport ATVs from your homes to the camping sites or the riding trails where you need them to be. So to carry them into the back of your trucks, you will need an ATV ramp. If you try loading the ATV into your truck without a ramp, it will be pretty difficult as well as unsafe. With the help of a good pair of ATV ramps, you can easily wheel your ATV into the back of your vehicle very safely. You don't have to do any of the heavy liftings at all. 

Getting an ATV ramp is similar to getting a helmet when you are going to ride. It ensures the safety of both you and your ATV. If you are going to some far off place, it will be better to carry your ATV there in the back of your truck, and then go off exploring the trails on an ATV.

What To Look For In An ATV Ramp

You cannot simply buy the first ATV Ramp that you see. There are many products currently available in the market. You need to know what features a ramp has and what your requirements are. Then after comparing them, you can decide on which ramp to buy. Here are a few things to look out for in an ATV ramp.

1. Weight Capacity

The very first thing you need to look out for when buying ATV ramps is the weight capacity of the ramp. The maximum weight which a ramp can bear is a pretty important feature. You need to know the load you will be applying on the ramp and then buy a ramp which can bear that load.

2. Width of the Ramp

The surface area of the ramp will determine the grip which the tires of the ATV will have while driving the ATV up into the back of your truck. If the ramp is wide, it will provide more surface area which will make it easier to push a 4-wheeler up.

3. Mount Connection 

The mount- connections of a ramp keep the ramp secure and in place while you are loading your ATV. Some ramps come with ledge supports which can be attached to the floor of the trailer or tailgate to provide additional friction. They are easy to set up & are convenient but they tend to slide around in case you haven’t attached them properly. Some ramps have mounting brackets which can be screwed into the bed of your trailer.

4. Ground Clearance 

The height of the vehicle & the ramp's length determines the ramp's slope.  If the slope angle is lower, it will be much safer to load your ATV inside the truck. So you need to keep the ground clearance in mind while buying the ATV ramp.

5. Storage Size 

You will need to store the ramps when you are not using them. Thus you need to consider the space they will take up when not in use. If you have small storage spaces, then you should go for folding ramps. If you have no issues regarding the storage space, then you should go for straight design ramps with larger size and weight capacity.

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