GMC 2500hd Lift Kit Reviews – Top 5 Recommended

The suspension lifts will help you face the challenges on your road adventures. When you want to go up a hill, the average height of your jeep is not sufficient. You need a lift to surpass the obstacles on a bumpy road. Also, if you want to change to bigger wheels or improve the appearance of your vehicle on a whole, suspension lift kits will not disappoint you.

Here’s a GMC 2500HD Lift Kit Review that will explain the technicalities of 5 lift kits for Silverado or Sierra, their pros, cons and how they can totally transform the attitude of your vehicle.

GMC 2500hd Lift Kit Review


Comparison Table Of GMC 2500hd Lift Kit

Product Name

Lift Height

WD Compatibility

Installation time (rough estimate)


Dynofit 1-3

Dynofit 1-3" gmc 2500hd lift kit

1-3 inches - only front lift


2 hours

Supreme Suspensions gmc lift kit

Supreme Suspensions gmc lift kit

1-3 inches and 3 inch rear lift

2WD & 4WD

3 to 6 hours

Rough Country 2500 3500 HD gmc lift kit

Rough Country 2500 3500 HD gmc lift kit

2 inches - front


1-3 hours

Dynofit Torsion Bars Key GMC Silverado Sierra Lift Kits

Dynofit Torsion Bars Key GMC Silverado Sierra Lift Kits

1 - 3 inches - only front lift


2 hours

Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit GMC

Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit GMC

1-3 inches on the front and 1.5 inch on the back


2-3 hours

Top 5 GMC 2500hd Lift Kit Reviews

#1. Dynofit leveling kit reviews (1-3")

This suspension Kit works wonders to lift the front portion of your Chevy (25000HD, 3500HD) to a decent 1 - 3 inch height with the unique torsion bar key assembly. The installation is a breeze and you don’t need any special tools for it.

Made of hard forged steel, it is very strong, durable and comes with 10.9 grade bolts. The powdered coating and cold forging make it highly resistant to corrosion. Just like promised, it gives good ground clearance for the vehicle to go up on bumpy roads or climb up heights.

The stock extenders help to enhance the performance of the vehicle without succumbing to the harsh off-road conditions.


  • It comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • The shock absorbers are efficient and keep your journey smooth.
  • The improvement in height is clearly seen like the manufacturer had promised.
  • The coating and cold forged design makes the product resistant to corrosion and you can safely go down a wet road.


  • The user manual has vague instructions that are hard to understand. You might have to see some YouTube videos before installation.

#2. Supreme Suspensions gmc lift kit

This is a complete package for the ideal elevation on your trucks. It has 2 front torsion keys that enable quick lift and the 2 aluminium billet rear lift blocks that level your vehicle without adding excess weight on the back end. This kit works well with 8 lug models only.

The square bent U-bolts are a great help for perfect installation and the 2x shock mount extenders protect the vehicle against rough terrains. The installation might take 3 to 6 hours which is more than what we have discussed in the previous models. But that being said, we can assure you that the guidance to are provided by the seller.


  • An optimal kit for those who are looking to install custom rims and tires on their vehicles
  • Gives a very beautiful and mighty appearance to the vehicle post the lift.
  • The torsion keys have an upper hand on the factory keys and give more strength to the build.
  • A great ground clearance to explore the uneven hilly regions.


  • The U-bolts delivered seemed to be too small for the 2500HD, 3500HD models though they work well for 1500HD vehicles.

#3. Rough Country 2500 3500 HD gmc lift kit

The demands of a 2500HD and 3500HD vehicle are different from the light 1500HD variant. That being said, Rough Country Leveling Kit offers the best torsion keys to elevate the heavy vehicle and also provide the right balance on the front and rear ends.

The ground clearance is optimum to work against obstacles on and off the road, even in wet regions. The forged design keeps corrosion and environmental damage at the bay and easy bolt-on installation saves a lot of your time. The ride becomes smoother and more comfortable compared to the factory fit and that’s something we cannot ignore.


  • It comes with Rough Country’s lifetime warranty.
  • The keys have great durability and work well for 2500 and 3500HD models that are designed to bear more weight.
  • Smoother rides on rough and challenging terrains.
  • Do not have to disassemble the struts for installation and the bolt-on install process takes less time.


  • It doesn’t fit with models that have rear overload springs and Magnetic Ride Controls.

#4. Dynofit Torsion Bars Key GMC Silverado Sierra Lift Kits

This is the right fit for lift kit Chevy 1500, GMC, Silverado, Sierra 1500HD, 2500HD and 3500HD models. It is easy to install and the work is done within 2 hours. It can lift the vehicle from 1 to 3 inches, suitable for changing to bigger wheels and attaining good ground clearance.

The hard forged steel with powdered coating stays resistant against corrosion and oxidation. It comes with 2 torsion keys, 2 struts and Professional shockproof box that eliminates vehicle damage because of obstacles. The torsion keys do a great job in lifting the vehicle with ease and installation is something you can do on your own.


  • It comes with a two year warranty.
  • It is suitable and doesn’t pose problems while installed on the 2001-2010 models.
  • The shock absorbers are great and do a good job to prevent the stress on the vehicle while driving on difficult terrains.
  • Suitable for changing the wheels to bigger size.


  • The user manual doesn’t provide clear instructions to guide the installation.
  • A few buyers have reported that the customer service response is very slow.

#5. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit GMC

This product ensures that you get the optimum lift of 1 to 3 inches on the front and a levelling 1.5 inch elevation on the rear end. The torsion keys are durable, strong and stick to the promise of giving precise height. The rear lift blocks do not add to the weight but still perform impressively.

The U-bolts are coated with zinc phosphate to give them strength and longevity. It gives good ground space to travel on rough terrains and a mere 2 inch elevation will let you replace the existing rims and wheels with the better versions.


  • The MAX-torsion keys add the strength and reliability to the build without compromising on factory quality.
  • The U-bolts have extra coating to improve their durability.
  • It doesn’t take much time to install the product with all the needed tools already provided.
  • Gives good ground space to tackle on and off road challenges.


  • This is not suitable for rear overloads or dually models because of the small size of the U-bolts.

How To Install A Lift Package

Now that we are familiar with GMC 2500HD Lift Kit Review, let’s understand how to install a lift package in the first place. This is a step by step guide -

  •  Initially, begin with lifting your vehicle off the ground using a jack or hoist, make sure that the wheels are not touching the ground and bearing the vehicle weight
  • It's a good practice to begin with the front wheels. Remove the Current shocks, U-bolts and Springs in this respective order.
  • Now, get the new tools that you want to install - do the necessary greasing and hammering. You will now go in the reverse order - put in the springs first, and then the U-bolts.
  • See to it that the springs and u-bolts are properly aligned before installing the shocks. Fit in the shocks one after the other - soon after greasing and hammering.
  • Now you need to change the steering stabilization system. You might have to disable certain mechanisms of the factory stabilizer, install new brackets and then place the new stabilizer. Lastly, install the pitman arm.
  • For the rear wheels, you just have to remove the current shocks, the u-bolts and springs, replace them in the same reverse order like previously mentioned.
  • Bolt everything properly and lower your vehicle slowly once you are done with all wheels. Tighten and recheck the nuts and bolts and you are good to go.

While you are fitting the shocks, be careful and notice that they have a tendency to expand. You need to set it while that is happening so that it attaches to the top bolt.

FAQ's About 2500hd Lift Kit

#1. Are Lift Kits and Levelling Kits the same?

No, they aren’t. Lift Kits will increase the height of both the front and rear while levelling kits will increase the height of your front to level it with your rear (Rear is usually higher).

#2. How much (height) should I lift my vehicle to get bigger wheels?

A minimum of 2 inch.

#3. Can you upgrade your lift kit?

Yes, you can. But check the parts and vehicle compatibility.

#4. Will lifting Kits affect vehicle stability?

They do have an effect on the center of gravity. So, do not lift your vehicle blindly. The height you lift and width of the vehicle should balance each other.

This GMC 2500HD Lift Kit review gives you a subtle idea of what you can expect from the products. While buying the lift kit, remember that it should promote smooth driving on all terrains, be compatible with the model of GMC/SIlverado/Sierra give a good look to the vehicle and also provide with the needed tools for hassle-free installation.

Choose the product that gives you the best features in the investment you are making. Your road trips will be much more comfortable and safe then.

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