Delphi Fuel Pump Review – Everything You Need To Know

A fuel pump is an essential component that will help in increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It significantly reduces the amount of exhaust coming out, distributes the fuel evenly for better combustion. It is a great way to cut down on your fuel expenses and improve the engine’s performance.

However, getting the right fit for your automobile is a crucial step. We attempt to provide you with the Delphi fuel pump reviews to make a wise choice. If you have to replace your fuel pump, this Delphi mechanical fuel pump reviews will give you a clear insight on the best buys.

Delphi Fuel Pump Comparison Table

Product NameNoise and vibrationHandling extreme temperature (rating for 10)Mechanical/ ElectricalPrice
Delphi FG0407 Fuel Pump Module


Delphi FG0407 Fuel Pump


Delphi FG0340 Fuel Pump


Delphi FG0340 Fuel Pump

Delphi HP10089-11B1 Hanger Pump Assembly


Delphi HP10089-11B1 Pump

No – very slight/ ignorable9/10Mechanical 
Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump


Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump

Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump


Delphi FG1057 Fuel Module


Delphi Fuel Pump Reviews [Top 5]

#1. Delphi FG0407 Fuel Pump Module

This model is promptly tested and presented at the market to meet most of the customer demands. Its durability is assessed up to 150,000 miles and in more than 20% ethanol to see the efficiency. Gen IV turbine pump world wonders and pumps the fuel throughout the vehicle to facilitate better combustion and reduce exhaust.

Delphi FG0407 Fuel Pump Module

It uses very little energy to use its work and can tolerate the alcohol percentage in contemporary fuels. The design is suitable to stand mighty in your automobile. There are internal springs that prevent tube chafing, and the filter is internal to the module. For the noise reducing feature the operational noise gets minimize while driving. The product comes with a decent limited lifetime warranty.


  • The internal strings increase the durability of the product.
  • The fuel pump is capable of handling low gas conditions as well.
  • It has tolerance towards the presence of low alcohol in the input fuel.
  • It uses less energy to pump the fuel across the vehicle.
  • It is well tested and prepared so that you can be sure of the promised mileage and performance.


  • There have been complaints from customers that the fuel pump is noisy, and the warranty is unsatisfactory.

#2. Delphi FG0340 Fuel Pump

The Delphi FG0340 Fuel Pump offers a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining the proper fuel delivery to your vehicle’s engine. It increases the mileage and efficient use of fuel and hardly utilizes any energy to pump the fuel across the car. The perfect internal springs increase the stability and durability of the product. It has improved filtering and proper protection to the strainer elements since the strainer is internal to the module.The FG0340 Fuel Pump is engineered to provide accurate and consistent fuel pressure, promoting optimal fuel atomization and combustion.

Delphi FG0340 Fuel Pump

It fits perfectly, and there is no problem with fuel wastage, an apparent decrease in the exhaust. A proper OE testing has shown its efficiency in handling heat and alcohol presence in today’s fuel sources.


  • The pump is designed to handle a variety of fuel types, including gasoline and ethanol blends.
  • The pump can hold good against extreme temperatures without malfunctioning.
  • The pump uses minimum energy to distribute fuel across the vehicle.
  • It scores high points in durability and stability.


  • It is costlier than its counterparts in the market though there aren’t any attractive new additions to design.

#3. Delphi HP10089-11B1 Hanger Pump Assembly

If you are searching for the fuel pump that hardly produces any noise or vibrate, this Delphi model is the right fit. It has metal tubes that are routed so that they don’t touch the tank or underbody the vehicle anytime. It reduces the chance of sound production and vibration to a large extent.

Delphi HP10089-11B1 Hanger Pump Assembly

The pump can also tolerate extreme temperatures that are inevitable on challenging roads. Also, it can deal with slight alcohol content in the fuels. It requires less energy to increase fuel efficiency by enabling proper distribution through the vehicle. It has a sleek design that fits well in almost all vehicles.The assembly features corrosion-resistant materials and coatings, ensuring its durability and longevity even in harsh environmental conditions.


  • It improves the mileage and fuel efficiency of the vehicle even for long-distance travel.
  • Very less noise and sound production because of the well-thought design.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It can deal with extreme temperatures and ethanol content in fuel.


  • Some customers have stated that the product is fragile and will break soon if you travel a lot off-road or on rough terrains

#4. Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump

This model has the best OE build, and can give a tight competition to any other brands in the market. The stringent tests have proved the longevity and stability of this fuel pump. It comes with all the necessary strainers, filters, and other components that make installation easy. Also, it is compatible with the majority of the vehicles on the go.

Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump

It ensures proper filtering and pumps the fuel to all the corners, increasing the fuel efficiency. It can handle low gas tank conditions at times when it is unavoidable. The proper utilization of fuel gives you good mileage, increases your vehicle’s life, and the smooth ride is everything you need when you are planning to take the road to paradise.


  • The internal springs help in a good fix and increase the longevity of the pump
  • The strainer is internal to the module, reducing other mishaps associated with the pump.
  • It can tolerate long-distance travel and still produces the same benefits.
  • The fuel efficiency increases evidently.


  • Customers complain that it produces a lot of noise

#5. Delphi FG1057 Fuel Module

The fuel pump launches into action as soon as you turn the key in the ignition. It has excellent fuel efficiency, and thanks to the patented GEN IV turbine, the fuel is distributed uniformly within no time. It also does not demand much energy to get the job done. The strainer is internal to the module again, preventing filtration mishaps and providing proper protection to strainer elements.

Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump

The OE builds high to tolerate any extreme heat conditions that might come its way. The Delphi FG0053 Fuel Pump is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for various automotive applications.The mileage increases conspicuously, and even those who travel for longer can place their bets on this one.


  • An efficient OE technology ensures the best functioning.
  • It can tolerate heat to a large extent
  • It’s suitable for the ones who go on off-road adventures and need good mileage.
  • It has internal springs that improve the stability of the product.
  • Easy installation in any vehicle


  • Have to buy the lock ring separately. It doesn’t come with the package

Delphi Fuel Pump Installation Instructions

The procedure to change your fuel pump might not be the same for all vehicles, but you can go by the basic Delphi fuel pump installation instructions to understand a significant part of it. This applies to almost all vehicles.

  • It’s good to make sure there is no access panel so that you can easily remove the pump without moving the tank.
  • Firstly, lift your vehicle and secure it properly. Empty the gas in your tank into a suitable container and clean the tank.
  • Carefully lower the gas tank once you remove the fill lines’ clamps, followed by the fill lines. Make sure your tank doesn’t get dirty in the process.
  • You have to loosen and remove the fuel lines and pump connectors attached to the modules, remove the pump retaining ring and slowly lower your fuel pump set up.
  • If required, transfer the parts from your old pump assembly to the new one and replace it into the old one.
  • The process of putting the new pump goes in the reverse order of how we had removed the old one – (Pump retaining ring -> pump connectors -> fuel lines)

Delphi vs Bosch Fuel Pump

One of the main differences between both is that Delphi is inclined towards making mechanical fuel pumps while Bosch has a reputation for the electrical ones. Both are capable of increasing fuel efficiency. Bosch is very good at putting the CO2 emission at bay, signifying that it improves fuel efficiency better.

However, the installation is slightly tricky, and the package that comes with tools, you have to be well-versed with them. When using fuel with an alcohol mix, Bosch fuel pumps are seen to have less tolerance towards this adulteration. When you bring cost into Delphi vs. bosch fuel pump analysis, there is no vast difference between them.

Delphi Fuel Pump Review


Delphi vs Spectra Fuel Pump

The Delphi vs spectra fuel pump discussion has come up mainly because of the vast difference in their pricing. And to top that, the features offered are more or less the same. Spectra has a POM build while Delphi stands firmly by its OE technology. The carbon commutators in Spectra ensure that less heat is produced while Delphi is prepared to tolerate heat even if the situation were to arise.

Both fuel pumps can endure the right amount of pressure and have a decent ability to increase fuel efficiency. However, Spectra tends to break down sooner when compared to Delphi. Though costlier, Delphi will last longer and reduce your burden to change fuel pump all over again.

Delphi vs Airtex Fuel Pump

It looks like it is easy to declare a winner in the Delphi vs Airtex fuel pump comparison. Delphi lasts longer, has better function and stability. Airtex, though promises a lot, fails to deliver much. It has a good design and easy installation, but it needs replacement sooner than a Delphi model. Even customer care has a cold response when the buyers try to connect with them.

The Airtex utilizes QD clips from the stock design and doesn’t provide anything extra in the package. Delphi is on the pricey end, provides new QD clips and other tools that you can choose to use or ignore. The fuel efficiency and mileage hike are better in Delphi. Both have the same OE build.


#1. What are the signs that you need fuel pump change?

Engine stops under stress, the engine’s disturbance at high speed, the engine heats up soon, decreased mileage, and sometimes won’t start at all.

#2. Is it costly to replace a fuel pump?

An average fuel pump will cost anywhere between $100 to $300. But a damaged engine and tank replacement can go up to $700 or more. So, replace your fuel pump before it’s too late.

#3. Do Fuel pumps have an intermittent function?

Yes, they do.

#4. What causes fuel pump damage?

Debris and dirt in fuel, bad air filters, low gas in the tank are some of the notable reasons for fast damage.

The fuel pump has a lot to do with the effective functioning of your automobile. They either make or break your vehicle in the long run. An excellent fuel with no contaminants, in proper amounts, will add on to the efficiency of your fuel pump.

The Delphi fuel pump reviews will help you spot the right product based on your budget and vehicle requirements. Also, the comparison with other brands and Delphi mechanical fuel pump reviews is an excellent way to see all the options that you have before investing the coins.

Bottom Lines:

Delphi fuel pump is a reliable and affordable option for those looking for a quality pump. It is easy to install and comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for many. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Delphi fuel pump, please leave a comment below.

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