5 Best Slip On Mufflers For Harley Touring : High Performance!

A true Sportster knows precisely how important a pair of high-quality mufflers are. But when it comes to Harley touring models, which ones should you buy? It's a tough choice to make!

Not anymore, though. With the following five tremendous options on the market, you won't have trouble finding the best slip-on mufflers for harley touring.

Best Slip On Mufflers For Harley Touring

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Plus, there's a precise buying guide at the bottom, along with other frequently asked questions to make sure you understand the basics of buying slip-on mufflers and can make an informed decision.

Slip on Mufflers Comparison Table

Product Name



Ease of Installation

Size (Diameters)

Rating & Price

Vance & Hines Slip On Mufflers

Vance & Hines Slip On Mufflers


Twin slash end tips

Very easy

4 inches

Vance & Hines 3-inches Round Twin Slash Slip-on Mufflers

Vance & Hines Twin Slash Mufflers


Twin Slash end tips

Somewhat tricky

3 inches

Cobra Neighbor Haters Slip-on Mufflers

Cobra Neighbor Slip-on Mufflers


Round, cylindrical

Very easy

4 inches

Emgo Slip-On Muffler

Emgo Slip On Muffler


Twin slash end tips

Very easy if appropriate fit

2 inches

DRACULEXTREME Chrome Classic Fishtail Drag Pipe Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust



Fishtail end tips

Very easy

1.75 inches (inlet)

Best Slip on Mufflers for Harley Touring Reviews

Vance & Hines Twin Slash Slip-on Mufflers for Harley Davidson Touring

Vance & Hines Slip On Mufflers

Vance & Hines is a popular and reputable brand to look out for if you're searching for motorbike accessories. With its 4-inch large, round body, this Vance & Hines Twin Slash is supposedly the best value slip-on for touring. These mufflers have a beautiful, smooth, silver finish and have twin-slash end tips. Plus, they generate a throaty, deep, distinct rumble and an internal heat shield to blue-proof your touring experience on the motorbike.


  • You can avail of the option to get a quiet insert.
  • It fits a wide range of models starting from 1995 to 2016 touring models of Harley Davidson.
  • It upgrades the sound and the aesthetics of the bike.
  • These slip-on mufflers are easy to install.


  • The sound that these mufflers produce is deep but not too loud. If you are looking for something loud and aggressive, you might be disappointed.

Vance & Hines 3-inches Round Twin Slash Slip-on Mufflers

Vance & Hines 3-inches Round Twin Slash Slip-on Mufflers

Of course, there's another one by Vance & Hines! But these slip-on mufflers are slightly different from the other ones we discussed above. These, too, have full coverage muffler heat shields to give you a blue-proof look, feel, and performance. Plus, they produce a throaty growl and include standard core baffles. They are, however, slightly heavier than the Twin Slash 4 rounds Chrome slip-on mufflers. Overall, the consumers are happy with this product and consider it the best slip-on mufflers for Sportster motorbikes.

What We Like Most

  • You get an option to avail of additional baffles which are quieter.
  • The sound is not too loud and not too soft: it's just right!
  • Once installed, these slip-on mufflers are very easy to take care of and maintain.

What Could Be Better?

  • The instructions that come with these mufflers are not as clear as you would want them to be. Thus, it can take you longer to set it up.

Cobra Neighbor Haters slip-on Mufflers

Cobra Neighbor Haters Slip-on Mufflers

For all you Sportsters who prefer a louder and straighter design for their slip-on mufflers, this model by Cobra will probably impress you. They feature a spiral, louvered core in the shape of a trumpet bell, making them unique and attractive. With its shiny, smooth, rolled shape, these mufflers enhance the sound and produce a megaphone effect.

What We Like Most

  • They are very easy to install.
  • The design is simple yet elegant.
  • The performance is tremendous, nonetheless.
  • They produce a deep rumbling sound for those who love that sort of noise.

What Could Be Better?

  • The sound may be too loud for some people on the usual road. And, it might be too quiet for others on the highway. It is a recommendation by manufacturers that you test the performance and the sound before making a purchase.

Emgo Slip-on Muffler - Drag - Chrome

These slip-on mufflers are the simplest of them all. They are easy to install, have a Chrome exterior, and look shiny and silvery. Plus, they are loud, durable, and cost-effective. Emgo Slip-on mufflers quickly and effectively enhance the sound of a Harley Davidson touring model, and that's just what everyone needs!

What We Like Most

  • They are pretty easy to install if they fit your motorbike model.
  • They sound loud and great.
  • The quality and finish of the Emgo mufflers are excellent for their price

What Could Be Better?

  • A lot of people have had problems with their fitting in the past.

DRACULEXTREME Chrome 36" Classic Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust

DRACULEXTREME Chrome Classic Fishtail Drag Pipe Slip-on Mufflers Exhaust

If you are looking to add a retro, nostalgic look to your bike, these classic slip-on mufflers by DRACULEXTREME are the way to go. They have a smooth, shiny, metallic finish and produce a loud sound. With these, you can upgrade the sound and the aesthetics of your Harley Davidson. For all these reasons, this particular model by DRACULEXTREME is one of the best Sportster slip-on in the market.


  • You have the option to get these slip-on in two colors: black and Chrome.
  • You can also get them in two different sizes: 33 inches and 36 inches.
  • These are very easy to install, even for those who have no experience whatsoever.
  • They have a fitment for all the Harley Davidson touring models from 1995 to 2016, including
  • Ultra Classic, Roadking, and Road Glide.


  • These are extremely loud. If you are not looking for loud mufflers, it may annoy you.

Best Slip On Mufflers For Harley Softail [Buying Guide]

Mufflers and exhausts are an essential part of your bike, and they can be quite an investment. So, when you are making a purchase, there are crucial things that you must consider. The following is a list of features you can use as a criterion when looking for the best slip-on mufflers for Harley touring.


The first and foremost feature that matters is what model of motorbike you have. This particular feature is essential because not all slip-on mufflers are made for universal usage. Some bikes such as Harley Davidson touring models have a unique design that requires specific slip-on. If you don't want to regret buying the wrong fit, ensure that you know your motorbike model and size.


Not every pair of slip-on mufflers creates the same sound. Similarly, not everyone likes the same kind of noise coming out of their motorbike. Listen to the sound that the muffler is producing and only purchase it if you like it.

Look and feel

Like everybody has their separate sound preferences, all sportsters have a particular choice in terms of looks and feelings of their slip-on mufflers. Make sure you know the material, texture, and finish of the product before you buy it.


We understand that slip-on mufflers are essential accessories for your motorbike. However, it does not rationalize you over-spending on it, does it? Thus, we recommend you to separate a particular budget for this purchase and stick to it before looking through the market to find an appropriate pair that suits your preferences and requirements.

How To Install Slip-On Exhaust

It's easy! First, make sure that the bike is entirely cool. Then, loosen the clamps of the exhaust and remove the entire thing. You can also take this part as an opportunity to clean the exhaust. Next, slide on the new slip-on exhaust, and you're done!

Just be very careful not to bend these mufflers and make sure that they fit correctly. Some models also come with springs and bolts to improve the fit. Start the engine and test the mufflers. Check the sound, performance, and any signs of leakage.

How Does A Motorcycle Muffler Work?

Motorcycle mufflers consist of a set of tubes. These tubes provide a pathway to the waves and gases inside the bike and allow them to pass through some holes. Next, they go into a chamber where they convert and travel through the last pipe to finally leave the muffler.

How To Make A Motorcycle Muffler

If you prefer not to spend your bucks on mufflers for your motorbike, there are plenty of DIY ways to create one. Here's a good example:

Simply take an empty soda can and cut it open from one end. Now drill several holes on the other end. Get a piece of steel wool and stuff it inside the can. That's it! Just install it on your bike, make sure they're nice and fit, and you're good to go! You can also spray-paint it as per your personal preferences and the color of your bike.


#1. What does a motorcycle muffler do?

Exhaust pipes or mufflers muffle the noise that your vehicle produces. Also, it efficiently enhances the quality of that sound.

#2. How Hot Does a Motorcycle Exhaust Get?

On average, a combustion exhaust can get as hot as 800 degrees Celsius.

#3. Is it wrong to take off the muffler from your motorcycle?

Even though you may be tempted to do this, you should never remove your motorcycle's muffler. It is because doing this can damage the internals of your engine and make a bike much louder and obnoxious.


Hopefully, all of this information and the options we mentioned will help you choose the right slip-on mufflers for your Harley Davidson.

In case you’re still having trouble selecting one for yourself, let us make it easier for you. If you are looking for easy installation, optimal noise, and a chic, unique design, we recommend The Vance & Hines Slip-on Mufflers. However, if you want the loudest mufflers on your bike, Cobra Neighbour Haters will be your best slip on mufflers for Harley touring models.

You can also use the information above and the comparison table we've given you to make an informed decision.

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