5 Best Carb For Harley Evo: High-Performance Carburetors

Got a Harley EVO to ride? Well, that’s one impressive bike anyone can ever imagine buying. But don’t you think that such a masterpiece needs serious checkups?

We bet you do! Especially when it comes to fuel consumption and performance. Indeed, carburetors are the reason why the engines sustain on long routes. And gives you an extraordinary experience whenever you start your Harley and hit the road. 

Best Carb For Harley Evo

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Although the entire mechanism is needed to mix air and fuel for magical internal combustion that gives horsepower to your engine. So, if you’re not sure how to pick the best carb for harley EVO, here’s your chance to get the best one.

Best Carburetors for Harley EVO [Comparison Table]

The following table is to help you choose Harvey EVO carburetor according to material and type. But there’s more information below. So stay tuned!

Product Name




(out of 5)


Mikuni HSR 42mm Easy Carburetor Kit

Mikuni HSR 42mm Easy Carburetor Kit



Hwbnde HSR42 Easy Kit Carburetor 42mm

Hwbnde HSR42 Easy Kit Carburetor



Mikuni 45MM HSR45 Carburetor Aluminum

Mikuni HSR45 Carburetor Aluminum



S&S Cycle Super G Carburetor

S&S Cycle Super G Carburetor



PUCKY Carburetor for Harley Davidson Road King

PUCKY Carburetor for Harley Davidson



Best Carb For Harley EVO Reviews

We have carefully selected five awesome Harley EVO carburetors to make sure your bike’s engine never slips. And here they are:

#1. Mikuni HSR 42mm Easy Carburetor Kit

Mikuni HSR 42mm carburetor kit is awesome in many ways. We adore how it maximizes speed. And with quick throttle response and outstanding Air Fuel Ratio (AFR), this Mikuni carburetor offers high adjustability and durable performance.

Mikuni HSR 42mm kit has some great features, such as:

  • It’s a Japanese-made carburetor that fits excellently on your Harley EVO
  • It’s single carb kit that can be easily installed on large vanguard engine
  • It comes with a plug, needles, chokes and throttle cables
  • The carburetor includes a swivel fuel inlet to ensure smooth supply of air and to mixture cylinder


  • With Mikuni HSR carburetor, there is no need to wait for your Harley to warm up
  • HSR 42 Mikuni is specifically designed to work with high-flux air filters
  • The carb is compatible with other Harley models, such as 1200 Sportster, Fat Boy, or Electra Glide
  • Replacement parts and rebuild kits are available in several stores


  • You might have to use an airbox adapter to reduce complexity
  • It stops performing even if the fuel is slightly low

#2. Hwbnde HSR42 Easy Kit Carburetor 42mm

Hwbnde HSR 42mm is an ideal kit for your Harley EVO that even goes along with several other models including Sportster and Big Twin.

And apart from its compatibility, this “Easy Carb Kit” gives an exceptional look to your bike that surely gives the “All Eyes on Me” feel whenever you pass by the crowd. 

Moreover, this carb increases your bike’s efficiency and even saves fuel. Hwbnde HSR 42mm Easy Kit includes some amazing features, like:

  • It’s a smoothbore carburetor that helps you experience engine’s full capacity
  • Hwbnde HSR 42 has an immediate throttle response and enhanced throttle control
  • It comes with an adjustable accelerator pump
  • It is manufactured using 100% Zinc


  • Hwbnde is suitable for the majority of Harley Davidson models launched in 1990 till 2006
  • The carburetor has an excellent gas mileage
  • The installation and fitting process hardly takes 3 hours
  • It has a remarkable throttle response
  • It includes a vacuum port


  • Hwbnde HSR 42mm carburetor doesn’t conform to the stock airbox
  • It doesn’t work with 2005-2006 1200C Sportster
  • HD Screaming Eagle kit is a must-have add on

#3. Mikuni 45MM HSR45 Carburetor Aluminum

We believe that Mikuni 45mm carb is one of the fastest gears you can install to your Harley EVO. It has a marvelous combustion capability with 237 CFM (cubic feet per minute) performance. 

Despite it doesn’t have any great impact on fuel consumption, it does help in enhancing the airflow. As a result, you savor great speed without damaging the engine.

Mikuni 45mm HSR 45 Carburetor has the following traits:

  • It has an Aluminum body that offers safety, as well as, engine’s longevity
  • Mikuni HSR 45 is comprised of a greater spigot diameter than usual for powerful airflow
  • It includes a pilot jet 25, main jet 175, 8CFY2-97 Needle, and Y-6 needle jet along with 0.0 blank air Jet, 4.2 needle valve, and a choke cable
  • It’s a smoothbore carburetor with flat-slide roller bearings
  • This is equipped with accelerator pump technology that delivers outstanding performance


  • It has a strong and long-lasting body that resists moist and bad weather conditions
  • Provides high acceleration and improves throttle response
  • Available in three different versions – standard finish, chrome, and polished


  • Due to large spigot size, it takes hours to fit on the manifold
  • The carburetor cannot be used with “Cruise Control” models
  • You have to purchase an airbox adapter to boost performance

#4. S&S Cycle Super G Carburetor

S&S Cycle Super G carburetor is mild, but it delivers mind-blowing results. And unlike most carburetors, this is one simple to tune.

This means you don’t have to spend hours on fine-tuning. We also noticed that once its tuning is set, there’s no need to re-tune for a long time.

Also, we didn’t find any gas supply failure. More to this, it disallows your engine from using excessive fuel, which makes the Super G a mileage-friendly carb.

Now, let’s look at the essential features of S&S Cycle Super G carb:

  • The carb comes with the OEM throttle valve to ensure flawless fuel and air blend
  • It includes a 2 1/16 inches throat near butterfly along with 1.75 inches venture for an increased performance
  • Super G carb has an O-ring idle screw seal for maximum airflow, as well as, an airflow cleaner
  • It has an adjustable accelerator pump to get quick throttle system response whenever you start the engine


  • It has greater horsepower due to increased airflow
  • The card is ideal for stock displacement engines
  • It won’t let your engine gasp
  • Super G offers great mileage and never becomes rusty
  • It is compatible with major Harley Davidson bikes, especially EVO


  • Not suitable for high compression Harleys
  • You may find it a little expensive

#5. PUCKY Carburetor for Harley Davidson Road King

PUCKY never compromises on the quality, and since its inception, the brand is producing some high-quality carburetors. Especially when it comes to Harley Davidson’s EVO, Twin Cam Road King, and many more.

It’s a 40mm carb that blends air and fuel in a great way to make sure your engine doesn’t seize. Also, it prevents the engine from overflowing.

Let’s unearth what PUCKY carburetor has for you:

  • PUCKY carb comes with a 185 main jet and 45 pilot jet for quick throttle response
  • The carburetor has a durable service life
  • It’s an Aluminum-made carburetor to endows first-rate performance


  • PUCKY carburetor serves a wide range of Harley motorbikes
  • It maintains the temperature to prevent condensation that enhances the engine’s execution
  • The tuning and cleaning process is pretty simple
  • The model point can be universally modified and saves a lot of fuel


  • It backfires sometimes
  • You have to adjust the air-fuel mixture now and then

Things to Look When Buying a Carburetor for Harley EVO

Undeniably, Harley Davidson is one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the entire world. Of course, not only aesthetics but even the quality appears to be a big deal for the manufacturers. That’s why Harley always offers the best engines, gears, and other equipment.

And regardless of numerous bike models, Harley EVO includes a phenomenal engine. Nevertheless, if not supported with an astounding carb, the engine won’t provide satisfaction. So here are a few important things to consider before buying your EVO’s carb.

A. Quick Throttle Response

If the carburetor has an average throttle response, don’t buy it. Why? Because it helps the engine to respond against the acceleration. So low throttle response means the engine won’t show prompt results on increasing speed.

Moreover, you would face maximum lag time whenever you’ll kick-start your Harley EVO. Therefore, go for the carb that has a fast throttle response.

B. Buy an Easily Tuned Carburetor

Don’t go for the complex structures when finding a carburetor, or half of your life would be gone in the tuning process. We have seen many bikers spending multiple days on tuning carburetors, but getting no satisfactory results.

So remember, always choose a carburetor whose adjustment features, such as air filters and screws, are easiy accessible and simple to tune.

C. Choose Warranty over Inexpensiveness

Buying a cheap carb without a warranty is a waste of money. Such carbs have zero durability and quality. So make sure you purchase the one that has a warranty. Contrarily, go for the one that has majority positive user reviews.


#1. Does carburetor affect fuel mileage?

- A carburetor mixes fuel and air to create accurate combustion. In case, the carb’s air filter is clogged, it may not pass the required airflow. And as a consequence, you get reduced mileage.

#2. When should I change my carburetor?

- If your bike releases black smoke, consumes more fuel, or the engine is backfiring/overheating, then you must change the carb ASAP.

#3. Will a bigger carburetor make my Harley EVO faster?

- Yes! The bigger your carburetor is, the better air and fuel mixture would be. It will cause greater combustion that will increase your bike’s speed and overall performance.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in choosing the best carb for Harley EVO. So, if you are concerned about mileage, but also desire for increased airflow, tremendous speed, fast throttle response and extraordinary performance, then S&S Cycle Super G Carburetor could be your top-pick.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a carburetor that adds beauty to your EVO and includes all necessary features, such as accelerator pump, standard throttle response, and quick installation process, then we recommend going for Hwbnde HSR 42mm Carburetor Kit.

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