Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88 : That Work Like A Pro!

Harley Davidson is always looking for ways to improve its models, and the recent innovation in this attempt happens to be the Twin-Cam 88 Engine.

The last couple of years have been very productive for the company, and the Twin-Cam 88 engine gave a boost to their revenue. A good cam can boost the horsepower of your bike, and that will transform the facets of your road journey.

Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88


That is why it becomes necessary to spot the best cam for stock twin cam 88. A proper installation will leave long-lasting benefits, and that begins from choosing the best cam for 88 twin cam.

Best Cam For 88 Twin Cam Comparison Table

Product Name

Engine Model Compatibility

Vehicle Service Type

Black Oxide Coating


Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110 ALL Twin Cam

Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110


All-terrain vehicles, Utility vehicles, off-road bikes, cruiser motorcycles, Scooters


S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

S&S Cycle 509G Touring Cam Kit


Touring Bikes


MBS Mfg Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88

MBS Mfg Harley Twin Cam 88

1999-2006, except Dyna 06’

All-terrain vehicles, Utility vehicles, off-road bikes, cruiser motorcycles, Scooters


Harley Davidson Twin Cam Inner cam Bearing Installer

Twin Cam Inner Bearing Installer

1999-2006, except Dyna 06’

Off-road motorcycles, cruiser motorcycles, Scooters.



xkmt-compatible with harley all twin cam

1999 - present

Off-road motorcycles, cruiser motorcycles, Scooters.


Best Cam For Stock Twin Cam 88 Reviews

#1. Harley Davidson TC 88 96 103 110 ALL Twin Cam

This installer and puller work well for the Twin Cam 88, 96, 103, 110 model engines. They are compatible with the bearings of b148, b156 types.

The Cam is perfect for both the old and new models and has a uniform black oxide coating to make them long-lasting. It also happens to give them a sleek look.

This has top-notch manufacture that includes newer design technology not to be inefficient and cheap as a few other counterparts in the market. This suite has the MBS Mfg patent-pending window modification to the installer plate. Thankfully, all the instructions are printed for you to follow while installing quickly.


  • It is easy to follow the instructions.
  • It works for recent, and early build Twin cams too.
  • Threaded knobs can be stored on the threaded holes on the plate, convenient during the process.
  • Complete manufacture in USA, company standards - Sturdy material.


  • You have to be patient to fit it into the bearings.
  • Some customers feel it might not last long.

#2. S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

This is the best Cam for heavy vehicles like Harley Davidson seeing how it happens to have the low and midrange torque.

It suites the 22CID engines that have a stock compression ratio idle - 4500rpm. It is the ideal choice for model bagger riders who are obsessed with maintaining their engines at best standards.

The tools don’t have any coating to make them long-lasting. However, they do have a basic build that makes them immune to damage. It is designed with a bolt-in system and sits will into the bearings without much of a struggle.


  • 509 cam gives the most power.
  • Very less time and good ease of installation.
  • No need to buy any extra rods for installation.
  • Poses no chain tension problems.


  • Most suitable for highway travelling than adventures.

#3. MBS Mfg Harley Davidson Twin Cam 88

This product is entirely made in the United States and follows all the norms that shape out the best cam.

This is very useful for quickly removing and installing the inner Cam bearings on the Twin Cam 88 engines.

They comfortably sit in their place and do not pose a problem in that department. The Cam tools support high-end torque that works well for the Harleys. The black oxide coating makes them long-lasting, and you can easily understand the installation process with the instructions printed. You might have to spend a little time there to grasp all the points. However, the bearings come out very quickly, and that’s a relief.


  • The puller is of exceptional quality.
  • Very easy to deal with the old bearings.
  • The backing plate and holes line up very well
  • The tools are pretty sturdy and have an excellent protective coating.


  • Some customers were dissatisfied with the installer.
  • Thumbscrews are unnecessarily long.

#4. Harley Davidson Twin Cam Inner Bearing Installer + Puller

These tools work great on both the old models as well as the new model engines of Harley Davidson. The cam set up of Twin Cam 88 is easy to work with when you have these tools for assistance.

You can pull the inner bearings easily and replace them with the new ones to the complete depth.

With the help of the hose clamp, you can conveniently tighten the collet without using too much force. The installation takes less time if you are mechanically inclined and know a bit or two about the process.


  • Easy to deal with the old bearings and replace with new ones.
  • All the tools have a sturdy build.
  • You don’t have to shop again for any new additions.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • If you are not an automobile enthusiast, you might find the tools to be a bit confusing at the start.

#5. xkmt-compatible with harley davidson all twin cam

If you are worried about the tension within the primary chain, then these tools will help you say goodbye to the thought.

They have a durable build, and they are adequately coated to last for long. The even tension will support a smooth gear shift and maintain the health of your engine for long.

The noise that usually arises because of bearing friction is reduced to a large extent, and that ensures that your bearings won’t need a change for a while. These are best for the new and old Twin cam 88 model engines and work wonders to make them highly efficient.


  • Work a lot on reducing internal friction between parts.
  • They end up extending primary chain life.
  • The bearings are easy to handle with the tools.
  • They have a sturdy build.
  • The shifting noise is reduced, and they promise a smoother ride.


  • No instructions are provided to guide the customer.

Best Cam For Tc88 Harley Touring [Buyer’s Guide]

Before you invest your bucks, there are certain things you need to consider to get the best cam for 88 twin cam. These will help to improve the life of your vehicle and keep you away from repairs for quite a long time -

# Compatibility with components - To ensure that your vehicle has the best performance, you need to take care that the cam is compatible with other components of the engine. It has to fit in well with the head design, the compression ratio of the engine, and you also have to keep in mind the valve size, bore, stroke, and flow characteristics.

# Matches the bike - Often people make the mistake of bringing a Cam that is way too much for their Harley model. So, depending upon the model and how you ride your bike, you have to pick the Cam. The Horsepower and torque characteristics of your Cam should match with the labour that your Harley Davidson is doing.

# Torque - Harley Davidson is a heavy vehicle, and thus it is supposed to have an engine that excellent low-end torque. The Cam should facilitate this action.

# Duration of Cam - As we have discussed earlier, a Harley would need low-end torque. A cam with 220-235 degrees of duration is excellent to produce this torque.

Harley davidson cam service manual

After buying the best cam for tc88 Harley touring, these Harley Davidson Cam Service manuals will act as quick guides that will help you understand the mechanism, installation, and maintenance required for the Harley Davidson Cams. They have clear instructions with sufficient illustrations to help you grab the info quickly. They give you an insight regarding troubleshooting the problems, easy tips, short cuts, and specific warnings to keep you and your vehicle safe.


#1. Do you have to replace cam bearings while replacing cam?

- No, you don’t have to do that unless the old cam bearings are not in good condition.

#2. What causes cam bearing failure in Harley Davidsons?

- Increased friction, wrong alignment, wear and tear, and insufficient oil conditions.

#3. How long will a Twin Cam 88 last?

- The average life expectancy is 40,000 miles. It will last as long as you maintain it well.

#4. How to choose the right Cam for your bike?

- Consider whether you'd ride on street or off-road, aggressive uphills or downhill movement, Bike weight, and dimensions, and engine/bike combination.

It is essential to replace faulty Cams or get new Cams for your Harley Davidson engine as that will take you a long way in having uninterrupted road journeys. Though there are several products out there in the market, choosing the best cam for 88 twin cam is not a big challenge.

If you understand your bike and engine combo, know how you’ll be riding, utilisation of tools, getting the best cam for stock twin cam 88 is not a far off dream. And we hope our perspective helped you to take a step closer to the right buy.

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