Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide: Days of Worry Are Over!

Ape hangers are handlebars for motorcycles. They increase the height of the motorcycle handlebar. Ape hangers come in different sizes. It is great to use ape hangers if you want close hand and eye coordination.

 You must have seen high handlebars on road glides. Handlebars make the road glide’s design look cooler. If you are looking for the best ape hangers for road glide, you’re at the right place.

Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide

Choosing the right ape hanger can be hard when you have so many options available. So, to make it easier for you, we have chosen 5 Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide for you. Let’s check those ape hangers out!

Best Ape Hangers For Road King [comparison table]

Product Name

Colour & Size

DOM Tubing

Internal Wiring



Mercenary 16 handlebars for harley road glides


Mercenary handlebars for harley

Black & 16’’



Paul Yaffe Originals Ape Hangers


Paul Yaffe Originals Ape Hangers

Chrome & 10’’



HTTMT HB02- Chrome Ape Hangers


HTTMT HB02- Chrome Ape Hangers

Chrome & ( 6’’ & 12’)



FMB Custom Ape Hangers


FMB Ape Hangers

Black & 10’’




Best Ape Hangers For Road Glide Reviews

#1. Mercenary 16″ handlebars for harley road glides

Mercenary 16 handlebars for harley road glides

16’’ Mercenary Bars handlebars are great for 2014 and below road glides. You can use these handlebars for above 2014 road glides by using extended cables.

The smooth finish of these ape hangers enhances the look of your road glide. Mercenary Bars handlebars have a powder coat finish that suits most road glide designs. You can choose from the glossy or satin finish.

The DOM tubing of this ape hanger makes it durable and better. As DOM is a high quality tube, the quality of this handlebar matches that of a high-end ape hanger.

Another feature to note is TIG welding. TIG welding makes the product smooth with no sharp edges. Due to this reason, Mercenary Bars handlebars are safe to use.

The extended width provides better leverage and control, especially when maneuvering through tight corners or navigating challenging road conditions

Mercenary Bars handlebars step down to 1 inch. The size of the handlebars is 1-¼’’. Other features of this handlebar include 7Ó pullback, 16Ó up rise and 8Ó inside center. All these features make the handlebar durable and better.


  • The build quality of this handlebar is great because it has DOM tubing.
  • Powder Coat finish makes the handlebar look smooth and better.
  • TIG welding prevents the handlebar from having sharp edges


  • Mercenary Bars handlebars are hard to set-up because you don’t get any instruction manual.

#2. Paul Yaffe Originals Ape Hangers

Paul Yaffe Originals Ape Hangers

Paul Yaffe Originals ape hangers come with two options for the finish. One is a chrome bath and the other is a glossy black powder coat.

The pre-drilled holes make the design look cleaner. There won’t be any wires or cables hanging out from your ape hanger.

While doing slow-speed manoeuvres,this ape hanger makes riding comfortable. You get better control of your road glides by using Paul Yaffe Originals ape hangers.

This bars are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

The pullback of this ape hanger is 6-⅛’’ and the center width is 12 inches. The end rise is 10 inches while the overall width is 35 inches. The ape hanger has a seamless steel tubing which makes it durable.

For the ergonomic design and increased height reduces the rider fatigue during extended rides.


  • Paul Yaffe ape hangers are easy to install.
  • You get 4 different sizes to choose from.
  • Internal wiring prevents an unorganized looking road glide.
  • It provides you with better control for slow speed manoeuvre.


  • The holes for wiring are a little small. It can be hard to put the wiring inside.
  • The size is a little more than 10 inches. Though it can be a pro for some people who like bigger sized handlebars.

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#3. HTTMT HB02- Chrome Ape Hangers

HTTMT HB02- Chrome Ape Hangers

HTTMT handlebars are very well-built. It comes in two different colours and models. One model is a 6’’ buffalo t-bar while the other is a 12’’ ape hanger.

The prominent features of HTTMT ape hanger is 12’’ rise, 1-¼’’ diameter and 34-½’’ inches width. This size is suitable for most people.

It doesn’t come with instructions so you will have to get a professional to set them up. To hide wires, it has internally drilled holes. Internally drilled holes prevent wires and cables from showing up.

The finish is thick powdercoated. But you can always grind off the thick powdercoat to make it more comfortable.

HTTMT handlebars are specially designed for Harley models. So, we consider these the best handlebars for street glide. You can use them for other models too. But you will have to check that before buying.


  • There are two models and colours for HTTMT ape hangers.
  • By using HTTMT handlebars, you won’t get any visible wires and cables due to internally wiring.
  • The size of this handlebar is suitable for everyone.


  • You will need to grind off some powdercoating for comfort.
  • It  is not durable and only lasts for one year

#4. FMB Custom Ape Hangers

FMB Custom Ape Hangers

We consider FMB ape hangers the best ape hangers for road king. The design of FMB ape hanger is specially for Harley Road King. It fits other road glide models too that are from 2014 and below.

It is handmade in the United States. So, its quality is really great. FMB ape hanger is powder coated with a glossy finish. The glossy finish gives it a high-end look. To ensure the high-end look, it has pre drilled holes to hide the wires and cables.

TIG welding is used for FMB ape hangers. It makes the edges of the handlebar clean and safe to use. The bend of the handlebar doesn’t feel unnatural or uncomfortable in any way. When you use it, you feel more control over your road glide. 

The ape hangers have a high-quality DOM tube. The DOM tube increases the quality of the ape hangers. It makes the handlebars durable. Having so many qualities, you can say that FMB handlebars are the best handlebars for road glide.


  • The unique bent of the FMB handlebar makes taking u-turns easy.
  • The DOM tubing of FMB handlebar makes it durable.
  • Due to the TIG welding, it doesn’t have any spikey steel corners.
  • Internal wiring ensures a high-end look.


  • FMB handlebars don’t fit models above 2014

Ape Hanger Cable Kits

#5. Burly Brand Black Ape Hanger Cable

Burly Brand Black Ape Hanger Cable

You can use ape hanger cable to extend Burly Brand handlebars. It is good for fixed gears too. Burly Brand ape hangers paired with ape hanger cables become the best handlebars for fixed gear.

The set includes brake line, clutch cable and throttle cables. You get proper instructions with it. So, you won’t have any problem setting them up.

Isn’t it annoying to buy a new set only because you broke one cable? You won’t have to deal with this problem if you get this set of ape hanger cables. It is because Burly Brand ape hanger cable comes with extra wires.

This ape hanger cable might be a little too long for 16’’ ape hangers but it still works. Before buying it, you should make sure that it is compatible with your ape hangers. It is because this cable is specifically made for Burly Brand ape hangers.

The whole setup only weighs 2.74 pounds. So, there is no chance of making your ape hanger heavier.


  • Burly Brand ape hanger cable comes with all the required wires.
  • You get an instruction manual with this cable.
  • Get extra wires with this set in case you break any.


  • The ape hanger cable is a little longer for 16’’ handlebars.

How To Choose The Right Size Ape Hangers

Choosing the right size for ape hangers requires a lot of preciseness and research. But no worries, we are here to help you out in this regard. In the case of the right size, there are a few things to consider. These are:

  • Your sitting position
  • Height of Handlebars

Let’s see how these two things decide the perfect size for your ape hangers!

Sitting Position

Your sitting position matters a lot while buying an ape hanger. The two main positions that the bikers sit are leaning forward or sitting straight. The sitting position is a personal preference. Another thing that affects the sitting position is back, neck or shoulder pain.

If you suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain, you should buy an ape hanger that raises their position. Choose such a height that takes away the burden from your back to the seat.

Some people prefer a lower riding profile. If you are one of them, mini ape hangers are good for you. The size of mini ape hangers is usually 8-10 inches.

Height of Handlebars

The height of the handlebars can also be a personal preference. But there are some factors to consider in this regard.

Your ape hanger’s height should be perfect for you. By a perfect height, we mean that your body weight should be distributed equally. Otherwise, you might face back pains.

The perfect arm position while riding would be under your shoulders. Your arms shouldn’t be straight on the ape hanger. The arms should be slightly lower than your shoulder. This way, your arm’s width will be more than your shoulder’s width.


There might be some questions in your mind regarding ape hangers. We are here to help you out!

#1. Are ape hangers worth it?

It depends on personal preference. But the point of ape hangers is a comfortable ride and better control. So, if you want to feel comfortable and more in control, you can get an ape hanger.

#2. Is there any legal height for ape hangers?

In many areas, there is a legal height for ape hangers. The purpose of this legal height is to ensure your safety. The legal height is any height that keeps your arms not more than six inches above your shoulders.

If your ape hanger is too high above your shoulder, it might cause you shoulder or back pain.

#3. Are mini ape hangers worth it?

Mini ape hangers are good when you are riding at a slow speed. At high speed, mini ape hangers can be uncomfortable for some people.

#4. Why are ape hangers illegal in some areas?

In some cities, ape hangers are illegal. It is because ape hangers higher than your shoulder can be uncomfortable. Discomfort while riding a road glide can lead to an accident. Moreover, it can also lead to backaches.

So, some states have made ape hangers illegal. While others have chosen a legal height for ape hangers.

Bottom Lines

Now that you know about the best ape hangers for road glide. You can easily choose one for yourself. Before buying an ape hanger, you must look for its specification and compatibility. Because some ape hangers only fit with certain road glides.

You should also know if ape hangers are legal in your state or not. Other than that, you should learn about the legal height of ape hangers in your area. After that, you can buy a suitable ape hanger for yourself.

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