How to Avoid Deadly Mistakes with ATV

ATVs are quite expensive; hence they require high maintenance to ensure that they stay in good working condition for a more extended period. Most people view riding ATVs as a dangerous adventure. The truth is, if you make your safety the number one priority it can be the best adventure you have ever experienced. Lack of practicing safety measures when riding ATVs often lead to fatal accidents that can cause severe injuries or even death. That’s why it’s always advisable to be keen when riding your ATV to guarantee your safety and to keep it in good shape.

Tips and hacks to avoid deadly mistakes with ATVs

Wear protective garments

Never head out for a ride without a helmet. Helmets come in handy in case you fall by protecting your head and face from rough surfaces. Ensure that you invest in a full-faced helmet because they offer maximum protection.

Gloves are also essential because they protect your hands from scratches and improve your grip on the ATV’s handles to prevent them from sliding off when you are riding. Purchase a high-quality pair of gloves made from durable material for them to withstand the friction and keep your hands safe.

A pair of goggles is a-must-have accessory because they protect your eyes from dust and the wind; hence you can remain in focus throughout the riding adventure.

Invest in a sturdy pair of boots to protect your feet and ankles in case you end up riding rough terrains or bushy areas.

Last but not least, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts when riding your ATV to ensure that your arms and legs are protected from branches.

One rider only

Most people assume that the long seat is designed for more than one person. ATVs are designed with long seats for riders to shift their weight easily when going down a hill or going up steep terrain. Therefore, always ride alone to avoid accidents that can be caused by overloading the ATV.


Always make sure that you inspect your ATV every day before heading out to check whether the tires are wearing out or if the rims are damaged. Apart from that, check worn links in the chain and lubricate it regularly. Ensure that there are no broken teeth in the sprockets.

Have a riding buddy

Apart from the company, having a riding buddy every time you go out to ride your ATV is essential in case you run out of gas. Accidents are likely to happen when you are riding that’s why you need to have people around you. Lastly, you can get lost if you are riding on new paths and trying to get back on track alone can be frustrating.

Ride the right ATV

ATVs vary in size; hence you should ride the right size that corresponds to your size to ensure that you are safe. Larger ATVs tend to be more substantial than the small ones; thus they are not suitable for younger kids because they can’t control them easily.

Listen to your body

Your body needs energy for your mind to focus on the path and to handle all the bumps on rough terrains. Therefore, never head out for a ride if you are feeling exhausted. It’s always advisable to take a break to refresh by eating some food or hydrating for you to regain your strength.

Ride on designated areas

One common mistake that most people make is riding their ATVs on non-designated areas hence putting other people in danger and causing the machine to wear and tear after a short period. Some ATVs are not designed for rough terrains; thus you should consider whether the features of your machine can accommodate rough conditions or not.

Install Nerf bars

Nerf bars offer extra space to rest your feet when riding to avoid dragging them. They prevent you from being injured by rocks on rough terrains and also from the hot sand in case you don’t have protective shoes. Therefore, install Nerf bars on your ATV to ensure that you ride comfortably and that your feet are safe at all times.

Change the fluids and filters

ATVs are supposed to be checked daily to ensure that everything is in excellent condition. With time, the oil gets a buildup of dust which eventually clogs the filters. Always check the level of the oil before heading out and change it if need be. If you have neglected this maintenance procedure for some time, clean the filters thoroughly or replace it if it’s damaged to ensure that the machine runs efficiently.

Adjust loose bolts and low tires

The bolts tend to loosen up due to vibration when you are riding your ATV. Always adjust them and check the pressure of the tires before heading out. The tire pressure determines the tread grip, and you need maximum grip to avoid sliding off the path when you are riding.

Clean the ATV immediately

Cleaning the machine after every ride prevents the mad from drying up on the surface. Mad can contaminate the oil as mentioned above. It also gets sucked up the air intake hence blocking it and also contributes to rusting with time. Apart from that, mad also prevents you from noticing loose bolts thus putting your life in danger as well. Cleaning the ATV immediately also saves your time and energy because it’s harder to clean it when the mud dries up.

Those are the tips we were able to come up with on how to avoid some deadly mistakes that people make with ATVs. We hope that you will find them helpful and keep them in mind because they will increase the life span of your ATV. Lastly, remember that your safety should be your number one priority at all times when operating your machine.

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