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I'm Jose Wagner, a mechanic who loves exploring & writing about new tools and contraptions which make everyone’s lives a whole lot easier. I have been in the manufacturing industry for several years and possess sound mechanical knowledge and diagnostic skills.

5W30 vs 5W40 : Which Oil Should I Choose?

Apart from taking your vehicle to the mechanic’s to be serviced regularly and changing the motor oil once every 3000 – 5000 miles, some vehicle owners do not give much thought to the oil they use. As a matter of fact, you should pay attention to your motor oil and the type you use in your […]

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Tips For Using ATV Ramps

If you have ever gone riding across the country on an ATV, you would certainly know how thrilling and exciting it can get. However, you also would know that it isn’t easy to transport the ATV from your garage to the riding trail without the help of ATV ramps. It might seem a bit difficult to […]

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How To Make ATV Ramps

When we imagine the life of an ATV rider, we think of riding into the sunset on our favorite trails. What we don’t consider is the difficulty faced in carrying an ATV up and down the back of our trucks. It is pretty hard to do so, but with the help of the perfect ATV […]

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