5 Ways To Bring Your Dead ATV Battery Back To Life

ATVs are vehicles which are used on dirt roads and off-road. They are rugged, versatile & nimble vehicles. It makes them pretty great to be used for recreational purposes, but there are several practical applications of them as well. They can be used while camping when you need to go deep inside the forest and require a rugged, reliable vehicle to carry you and your gear. Due to their off-roading capability, they are used in various industries such as construction, mining, etc.

The engine is what provides the required horsepower to drive an ATV. But it is the battery of an ATV which gives power to the headlights, the winch or any other electrical accessory that might be present in it. The electric starter is also powered up the battery. Thus without the battery, you cannot even start your ATV!

Fixing a dead ATV battery

When you are getting ready to go out on your ATV or are already on a trip, it’s not a good thing if your battery dies. An ATV battery can die out due to a million reasons; the main one being that it has been sitting idle for quite some time.  If your battery dies out, there is no need to panic. We are here to help you in getting your battery up & running again.

At home, you can make use of a battery charger if your battery dies. But in case you are out on the trail, then you need to find another way. Worry not, we have got you covered. If your ATV has been sitting idle for some time, there is a high chance your battery will lose power. Turn on the key or press your run switch. If nothing happens, it usually means that your battery is dead.

If the engine turns, but it sounds sluggish & slow, or if the motor stops after spinning for a short while, then it means that your battery is having issues. Once you have made sure that your battery is dead and is causing start-up problems, you need to find a way to fix the battery. There are 5 ways of fixing a dead ATV battery. They are easy to follow and are pretty quick. They are as follows:

  • Compression start
  • Desulfating a battery with the help of Epsom Salt
  • Jumpstart with an ATV
  • Jump start from a Car
  • Using a Battery charger

The methods of fixing a dead ATV battery have been discussed below. Let’s give them a read! 

1. Compression Starting an ATV

The first way of fixing a dead ATV battery which we will discuss today is compression starts. ATVs are pretty light in weight and can be easily pushed by an adult. It is fairly easy to push it on flat ground and if there is an incline, it would be even easier.

Compression Start is the technique in which you trick the ATV into starting. The main idea behind compression starting an ATV is turning the engine with the help of tires, thus making it easy to start the engine up. Once the engine is on, the battery will get charged as you drive your ATV.  You need to roll the ATV at approximately 5-7 mph.

You need to follow these steps:

  1. Try starting your ATV by turning the key. If there is a run switch in your ATV, turn that on.
  2. Since the 1st gear needs a lot of torque to turn the motor, it would be better if you use the 2nd gear.
  3. Roll the ATV as quickly as you can. Keep the clutch pressed in. Now get on the ATV and let the clutch up.
  4. When you do this, it makes the engine turn. Giving it a little amount of gas would start it quickly.
  5. As soon as the engine fires, make sure to pull the clutch in so that you do not start jerking if the engine sputters.

This is a pretty easy, simple and completely danger-free way of getting your ATV battery charged, and get your ATV up & running in a few minutes.

2. Desulfating a battery with the help of Epsom Salts

If you don’t use the battery of your ATV for a long time, it will stop working. This is because of sulfation. You need to remove the residue from a battery so that it can work again. One of doing this is with the help of Epsom salts.

You need to do the following;

  1. Start with putting on your safety goggles & gloves.
  2. Remove the seat of your ATV.
  3. Disconnect the cables from the terminals.
  4. Now take the battery out.
  5. Heat some water, almost half a liter.
  6. Now add almost 8 ounces of Epsom salt in it.
  7. Let the salt and water mix thoroughly.
  8. Take off the caps present on the cells of the battery.
  9. Now you have to pour this solution inside the battery cells.
  10. After the cells are full, screw the caps back in place.
  11. Connect your battery with a charger and complete charge it.
  12. Your battery is good as new now.

The chemicals inside the battery are toxic, so ensure that you wear gloves and safety goggles while handling the battery of your ATV.

3. Jump-Starting an ATV with another ATV

The third way of fixing your dead ATV battery is by using the help of another ATV. What you will need for this is another ATV with a working battery and jumper cables. It is fairly simple and all you need to do are follow the next steps.

Do the following:

  1. Remove the ATV’s seat.
  2. The battery is under it. Now just remove it.
  3. Connect the jumper cables with the ATV which has a good battery.
  4. Then connect the other sides of the jumper cables with the ATV which has a dead battery.
  5. After you have connected the batteries, start up the ATV with good battery. Keep the battery running for some time.
  6. After this, start up the ATV with the dead battery you are trying to fix. After it starts up, disconnect the jumper cables making sure that you disconnect the positive terminals first and then the negative terminals.

This is a simple & easy way to fix your dead ATV battery. Make sure that your hands are not wet and you are connecting the wires with the correct terminals. You can connect the ground wire with the frame of the ATV if you think there is not a lot of space on the battery itself.

4. Jump Start the ATV Battery with a Car

Now we look at the fourth way of fixing a dead ATV battery. The fourth way of fixing a dead ATV battery is with the help of a car battery system. It is pretty much the same as fixing the dead battery with the help of another ATV.

The following steps should be done.

  1. Connect the wires from the battery of the car to the battery of the ATV.
  2. Take care while connecting the terminal wires, making sure you connect them correctly.
  3. Do not turn on the car.
  4. Turn on the ATV.
  5. The battery of the car would provide enough juice to fix the dead battery on your ATV.

It is better to keep the engine of the car switched while you are trying to fix the ATV’s battery. It's a good idea that you should wear shoes with rubber soles first. Be very careful and avoid touching the terminals of the battery.

5. Battery Charger

The last method we will discuss here to fix and charge your dead ATV battery is by the help of a battery charger. Quite a number of battery chargers are currently present in the market. You can simply charge your battery by connecting it with the battery charger.

Follow the steps given below to fix your dead ATV battery with a Battery Charger:

  1. First, remove the jumper cables.
  2. Make sure you remove the negative cable followed by the positive cable.
  3. Connect the terminals of the battery charger with those of the battery of ATV carefully.
  4. Select the current setting. This will depend on the current specification of your battery.
  5. Keep charging till you reach the maximum limit.

These five methods will help you fix your dead battery and get your ATV up and running in no time. Make sure you follow all the precautionary measures while fixing your battery. Don’t touch any naked wires or cables. Ensure that you are wearing rubber-soled shoes at all times.

The 5 ways to fix your dead ATV battery described above are really useful whenever you find yourself stranded with a dead battery. There are several things which you need to keep in mind to ensure that your battery keeps running properly. You need to take good care of your battery and need to make regular checks to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. Taking good care of the battery will increase its efficiency as well as its life period.

As promised at the start of the article you now have everything you need to know about fixing a dead ATV battery. This knowledge will be pretty useful for you if your ATV ends up with a dead battery. What’s more, you can also help out other people who are facing the same problem.

Happy Riding Folks!
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